Speaker Cabinets

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The best way to hear your tone. Rugged construction, high quality speakers, and easy to use.

Thick yet present tone, in a variety of sizes.

- 18mm Baltic birch construction
- Removable front grill
- Removable casters
- Removable rear panel
- Loaded with 12" WGS Veteran 30 speakers
- Fixed speaker baffle for rigidity and sound quality
- Input Jack plate not recessed - easier to find in the dark!
- Chrome corners for protection as well as aesthetics
- 4x12 cabs have a slanted baffle set at 4 degrees to project the sound upward
- Four sturdy feet that keep the cabinet closer to the ground
- Recessed steel handles provide better sealing and a nicer look
- Light-up logo
- Input panels are steel and provide an input and through jack
- 2x12 cabs are 30" x 17" x 14"
- 4x12 cabs are 30" x 30" x 14"