G3 Pedal [Pre-Order]


Image of G3 Pedal [Pre-Order]

[This product is a pre-order. The pedals are built in batches & you can order whenever you like with no cut-off. Shipping dates below.]

Revv's Purple Channel 3 is one of the most unique tones in modern amps. Extremely tight & clear with the right amount of saturation for any situation. Now that tone is available to everyone in a less-expensive pedal format that's versatile & feels great under the fingers.

|||Suitable for|||: Metal, Rock, Blues, Country, Prog, Fusion, Punk, Extreme.
|||Plays nice with|||: Combos, Heads, Pedalboard Rigs, in Effects Loops, w/ Cab Modeling.
|||Form Factor|||: Small Single-Space Enclosure, Standard 9v Power (center negative 9v external power supply only), Durable Construction, Top-Mounted Jacks, Blue LED, Laser Etching.

--- Mix-Ready --- Smart filtering keeps lows tight & highs present with no mud or ice.

--- Feels Great --- Constant revisions ensured the attack & bloom of notes is inspiring to play, like your favorite amp.

--- Versatile --- Fat and warm or tight & bright. Heavy amp-like saturation or light overdrive.

--- Integrates Into Any Rig --- "Distortion channel" in front of a clean amp, another flavor of gain with a multi-channel amp, easy traveling, great studio tool, works great with analog & digital.

||| Discounted flat rate shipping. We pay for most of it! |||

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[This product is a pre-order. Any orders placed April 15th and prior are estimated to ship in the first production run on May 8th. Any orders placed April 16th or later are in production batch 2, estimated to ship in June. Current estimate is approximately June 19th. Any orders placed June 5th or later are batch 3, estimated to ship in mid-July. Orders placed July 5th or later will ship in August.]

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Image of G3 Pedal [Pre-Order] Image of G3 Pedal [Pre-Order] Image of G3 Pedal [Pre-Order] Image of G3 Pedal [Pre-Order]